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Emery Awards 2019


Held at Cipriani Wall Street, The Emery Awards honor the world's greatest LBTQIA allies and advocates and raises money for the Hetrick Martin Institute. As script and speechwriter for the evening, Jess has written for Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, Monica Lewinsky, Brandon Victor Dixon, DC Comics, Amber Heard and this year's host,

Johnny Weir.

Take Me To Coffee Podcast

creator • co-host

Why have just one mentor when you can have the whole internet? Broadway Unlocked's Jessica Ryan and Hamilton's Andrew Call sit down to coffee with Community's Danny Pudi, YouTube star & pianist AyseDeniz, Twitter warrior & historian Audrey Truschke & more.


Social Impact Supper Club


SISC is a monthly gathering of the world's most impactful change-makers across CSR, non-profits, film and the arts. Members come together to spark new ideas, collaborations and initiatives. As host of the December supper - Great Cause, Tough Story (inspired by The #Giveback Concert) - Jess brought together a panel of Broadway creators to dive into hands-on, sleeves-rolled-up, theatrical story-building that helps move hearts and minds.

The Broadway Unlocked #Giveback Concert

creator • showrunner

The #giveback concert re-defines what change looks like in the digital era by seamlessly blending live theatre, digital media and interactive technology that brings together a community inspired to action.


In New York City, Broadway, TV, Film and YouTube stars come together to weave stories of strength and hope and raise funds for the groundbreaking work of Crime Victims Treatment Center, where any survivor of violence can receive life-saving treatment - completely free of charge.

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Script & Speechwriter for Nico Torterella, Amber Heard, DC Comics & more at the 2019 Emery Awards.

Emery Awards

At the height of Hollywood's rise to talking pictures, Louis B Meyer is recruiting talent and Greta Garbo answers his call. In this invite-only reading, Jess had the room rolling in laughter as  Carmel Meyers, a veteran silent movie actress who delights in her excessive

sartorial style. 

Coming Attraction

Associate Producer on MT Shorts new short musical film "Still Here", written by Roseberry & Klose, featuring Lana Gordon and Nate Stampley.

Still Here

Why have just one mentor when you can have the whole internet? Broadway Unlocked"s Jess Ryan and Hamilton's Andrew Call launch a new mentorship podcast for the digital age.


Winner of Ken Davenport's PRO Reading Series FA19, Jess directed an all-star reading featuring Paige Davis, Jeff Still, Jay Klaitz & more


Hanky Panky

Under Jess's direction, 40 teenagers devise a one hour musical in three weeks, based on The Dismemberment Plan's song "You Are Invited"

You Are Invited


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changemaker • creator • founder


changemaker • creator • founder

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