CeCe Olisa Says: WWSYD?

Tomorow is the big launch of Take Me To Coffee and we're kicking it off with one of the best conversations we've had so far - our guest CeCe Olisa has done a lot of things in her life. She's the founder of CURVYcon, she has a well-known blog, she's a spokesperson for Nike and Ann Taylor Loft, and she's a fierce and outspoken changemaker around body positivity and inclusion for plus size women.

One thing she mentioned in the episode really stopped me in my tracks - she said she recently challenged herself to do all the things the skinny version of herself would do. I took it to mean we often put up our own limits on what we do, how we feel and what we receive - and I thought it was a really interesting, specific way to change a little bit of that for ourselves.

So. For all my ladies out there, I present to you the **#WWSYD challenge**, inspired by the lovely and talented CeCe Olisa.

What Would Skinny You Do, ya'll?

Here's the top three things I would do:

👚Wear shirts without sleeves

👀Not always be on the lookout for the ways in which people treat me differently as a leader because I'm not "hot"

👨🏽‍💻Assume that any man I meet is going to see my head, heart and body as attractive (instead of assuming that he won't)

Guess I have some work to do this week 👆🏾

Do me a favor and tweet us @tm2cpodcast and let me know what skinny you would do! Let's all hit this weekend with a little #WWSYD action.

Can't wait to see what it means to you!

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