Marian The Grammarian (and Dana Powell as a Ninja)

We use a lot of cool no-code technology tools over here at #tm2cpodcast to help make our show better. Canva for gorgeous graphics, Airtable for content management, Typeform for Onboarding, and ClickUp to track our processes.

But one of our very favorite tools, which we got talking about in this week's episode with Modern Family's Dana Powell, is Grammarly. It's a freaking writing assistant that is built in to your brower! When we're on a tight deadline with an episode and we're writing social posts and blogs til our fingers fall off, Grammarly fixes spelling, helps us keep tabs on our tone, formality, and intent and gives us suggestions.


Also, #humblebrag, but here's how we did last week, according to Grammarly:

Anyway, one thing led to another, as it usually does with theatre people, and we basically birthed a super funny musical spoof commercial for Grammarly, based on The Music Man. Don't ask us why, but it's clearly inspired by John Wick and also includes Dana Powell as a ninja.

We never said we were great at mixing metaphors.

We present to you our spec script.....

Marian the Ninja Grammarian




Grammarly, we love you. Call us.

(and special thanks to our collaborator Avery Ragsdale for cooking up those parody lyrics!)

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